The Eastern Pacific’s only albino dolphin is back, and it’s hard to believe it’s real

Casper was first spotted in Monterey Bay in 2015 with his mother. The dolphin was completely white with only freckles visible on its body. In dolphins, white is considered a mutation, and there are white individuals of this breed of dolphins all over the world.

Since 2015, Casper has rarely been filmed. But the fact that he’s back in Monterey Bay is great news, animal advocates say.

They note that due to its coloration, the white dolphin is very vulnerable in the wild. It is extremely visible and can become easy prey for other predators.

Casper is recognized by his freckles. his body has small spots. Experts believe this dolphin has albinism – there are no pigment cells in its body.

Almost all of the photos of Casper have his eyes closed, and it’s thought that Casper might have photophobia, as many albinos do. Therefore, he rarely opens his eyes on the surface.

Today, this dolphin is the only albino dolphin in the entire Eastern Pacific Ocean.

And if he is not part of the herd, especially if he is large, he becomes the first prey of predators.

But, as the employees of the department noticed, there is nothing wrong with this dolphin. He looks pretty healthy.

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