The dog refused to leave the shelter without his beloved

She had a beloved dog nine years ago, but he sadly passed away. Catherine took a long time to come to terms with this loss and was afraid to have a pet, even after all these years. However, life had surprises in store for us.

One day, while browsing her Facebook news feed, she saw an ad from a Philadelphia animal shelter stating that they were looking for foster homes for several pit bulls. According to the announcement, the dogs were very affectionate and would not tolerate separation.

When she contacted the organization, she learned that dogs were not welcome and that she might need to find a foster family for single dogs, and that the girl already had a candidate.

She decided to tell her husband about it. After several days of talking and weighing the pros and cons, she finally made it to the shelter to meet the dogs. And by spending time with them, I realized that I couldn’t keep them anymore. So we quickly completed all the formalities and brought the dogs home the same evening with tears of joy, says Catherine.

The dogs were named Gus and Nina and quickly found new homes. They are very happy and healthy. We can see how grateful they are to their new owners for not splitting them up. In hindsight, without Nina, Gus would have disappeared very quickly.

She is his rock and his backbone, reports Catherine. “If we had cared for and raised him without her, he would have sought her out. Nina was more independent. But he would have felt very lonely without his companion. Gus and Nina have lived in the Burst family home for four years. Princess Catherine shares all their adventures on her social networks. These dogs all run, play, eat and sleep together. Their life together is now filled with comfort, joy and love. Thanks to Burster for providing them with this.

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