The dog helped save the little dolphin, who is stuck on the shore

That day, 42-year-old Rich Wilcock went out with his dog to take a walk on the beach and take pictures, but his dog suddenly noticed something…

The young Cocker Spaniel did not obey his master at all and ran away in the opposite direction all the time. The man began to call the dog, but she showed with all her appearance that it was necessary to follow her.

“I wanted to keep taking interesting pictures, but the dog rushed behind my back, demanding to go get her,” he recalls. “Not only has she never barked at me like that before, but she’s started making completely unfamiliar intonations.”

After all, Rich gave up and went where his dog called. Soon he understood the reason. On the shore in the rocks, they saw a baby dolphin stuck, the sea was raging around, but the baby was alive.

The man wanted to call the rescuers, but there was no communication on the shore, and the sea was no joke. Since Wilcock respected sea animals, he decided to save the baby.

“Come on, baby!” he slowly pushed him towards the water from the surface of the stone, but the animal was exhausted.

He started screaming at the cub and pushing him harder through the water until the salty waves licked his muzzle. The little one started slowly wiggling his flippers and gradually started trying to swim.

But here a very strong sea wave rolled up and threw the dolphin towards the rock. The man panicked and started almost screaming, encouraging himself and the little one, because he didn’t want him dead.

Taking him back in his arms, he went deeper and deeper into the water to release him in the water away from the rocks. Finally, he felt that he had already taken enough distance, where he was safe for the little one. He let her go and felt relieved that everything was going to be okay now.

A little later, he saw a dolphin fin flashing above the water, and the little one swam to the depths of the sea.

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