The dog brought its owners a strange little one, and it was not a puppy…

If you have a dog, you know exactly how they like to bring home almost anything they find on the street. if not slippers, then wood or newspaper…

But this dog brought a living creature that greatly surprised its owners.

Somewhere in February, the dog brought its owners a puppy from an unknown animal.

After consultation with the veterinarian, he turned out to be a small bear cub. The people contacted the US Wildlife Service, which took the animal away.

After the examination, it became clear that the little one is severely dehydrated and weighs only half a kilogram, but despite this he is in good health.

Rehabilitation staff put the black bear cub on a 24-hour bottle-feeding regimen, he began to gain weight, and he was given to a foster mother, who took him in as her own.

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