The couple adopted 15 strays, and these dogs helped them cope with the loss of their pet

When an animal dies, it is very stressful for the whole family. Then I don’t want to excite anyone not to suffer anymore… So Mantasa and the tribes thought for a while.

Some time ago the couple went to Thailand for a vacation. And one day they got a call and said their beloved dog got sick and died. He was 10 years old at that time.

The couple were very saddened by their loss and were adamantly against buying a new pet. But little by little their heart melted and they decided to adopt a little puppy.

Mantas and Rasa went to town to look for a kindergarten where they could make a new friend. However, they saw many stray dogs on the way, which upset them a lot.

Then the couple thought of something. They returned home, took their second dog and flew to Thailand. Then they took a dog from the street, then another and another… Some of the animals were injured, some were emaciated, but the husbands took them all.

Now 15 dogs live in their house. There were so many animals on the streets and everyone wanted to help. Then Mantas and Kuta made an agreement with one of the universities, whose employees agreed to sterilize stray dogs for free. And over time, the couple learned to treat various injuries and illnesses on their own, and now they can easily switch to novice veterinarians, continuing to help dogs.

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