The boy took the leopard from the zoo and now they live in the same apartment

Alexander Volkov became famous on social networks thanks to his unusual pet. The fact is that a 30-year-old man keeps a leopard in his apartment.
Today we will tell you about a boy who did not leave the troubled animal and took him home.

Previously, Alexander was a zoo worker, his job was to care for animals. So he drew attention to a handsome leopard named Caesar. The animal looked very sad for its deceased friend, with whom they shared a cage.

Then the zoo got into financial trouble and started closing it. Alexander decided to ransom Caesar and take him to him.

He did everything to create favorable conditions for the leopard to live in his house, he converted a room into an aviary, but the animal turned out to be very touchy. Caesar is always next to his master. It’s like he thinks he’s just a big cat. Under the same roof, the leopard and Alexandre have been living together for more than 3 years.

“He completely changed my life, that’s for sure. Who am I for him? Probably, most likely a friend, but not the owner. We have complete understanding, we even get sick at the same time.

The boy took Caesar for himself not on a whim, he is sure that it is dangerous to have predatory animals in the house. But this leopard needs special care, because in the wild it will simply die.

“It’s a huge responsibility, Caesar is a predator. In this case, you need to think not only about him, but also about people who live nearby. You have to be extremely careful,” says Alexander.

Alexander advises not to launch predators. He constantly takes care of his pet, pays a lot of attention to his nutrition, health and training. He walks a lot with César, educates him, learns to understand and he is always on the alert. As a result, the leopard is calm, does not show aggression and feels good. It’s a huge job!

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