The bear could not save the cubs from the cold water, the fishermen came to the rescue

When the cold comes and the lakes and streams freeze, the water becomes unsafe. In addition, this applies not only to humans but also to animals. The animals will therefore not hesitate to cross the river to reach the other side before a strong freezing.

Another time, a bear came to the river with her cubs. The mother bear swam on her own first and her cubs were behind her. They ended up falling behind and the current prevented them from swimming.

She started to roar and went from one end to the other. Experienced anglers figured out that until they knew what the mother bear was doing, it was better not to touch the cub. However, that was not an option. So they decided to bring the cubs on board with fishing nets.

This way the little ones wouldn’t be scared. However, it was very difficult. Nevertheless, the fishermen managed to rescue the cubs from the sea. And there was a great wall standing in front of them: the mother. If someone was swimming near the shore, they might attack. So people decided to move away from the shore and follow her.

In the meantime, people ended up bringing the bear cubs down, one by one. The mother quickly followed. She led the way and they all ran into the forest.

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