The abandoned mountain lion, who was starving and very exhausted, was rescued by firefighters and has now grown up.

This abandoned lion was hungry and very tired, but he was rescued by firefighters and is now in great shape.

American rescuers were at the Idyll Wildlife Refuge in California when they heard a faint cry. The wild lion was barely moving on the pavement and was using its last strength to call for its mother.

Specialists rushed to the station to search for the animal.

At that time, the little one was still in the same place. The mother did not come. People put the lion, which appeared to be a cat, in their car and drove straight to the vet.

Experts examined him and discovered that the kitten was just over 14 weeks old. He also weighed just under 10 pounds, an important sign of maturity. The little one was malnourished, fragile and constantly shaking.

The little one already weighs 22 kg. He also has the same fearsome appearance as a lion. According to the vet, mother lionesses are caring and never leave their cubs alone. Big cat mothers usually stay with their young until they are almost a year old.

He was placed in a secure enclosure with surveillance cameras.

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