The 60-year-old woman decided to change her image. It turned out very beautiful and stylish

Betty from San Antonio (US state of Texas) recently celebrated her 60th birthday and, in honor of the holiday, decided to radically change her appearance. For the transformation, she went to the famous stylist Christopher Hopkins, who has a talent for clearly choosing an image for each person individually. The woman was sure it was Hopkins who could help her.

Betty immediately drew attention to the fact that she was very fond of her gray hair, so the master did not change the hair color. But he still worked on the haircut: Hopkins cut his hair and immediately added volume. This length refreshes the face and accentuates the features.

The reflection in the mirror pleased Betsy very much.

Then the stylist made the woman a light make-up, which made her look younger for 10 years. It evened out her complexion and added radiance to her. Highlighted the eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Although Hopkins didn’t touch Seed Betsy, his guest transformed beyond recognition. The woman left the salon very satisfied.

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