Science Fueled a White Supremacist Mass Murder

Photo: A former Tops Friendly Market, by Nicholas Eckhart, via Flickr (cropped). Over the weekend, a teenage male shooter perpetrated a horrific mass murder in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where 13 people were shot, and 10 died. All but two of the victims were black. Journalists and commentators have rushed to report that … Read more

Explosion on a White Dwarf Star Observed for the Very First Time

Artist impression of an exploding white dwarf. Credit: University of Tübingen When stars like our Sun run out of fuel, they contract to form white dwarfs. Such dead stars can sometimes flare back to life in a super-hot explosion and produce a fireball of X-ray radiation. A research team from several German institutes including Tübingen … Read more

Science Confirms That When White People Read About Covid Racial Disparities, They Respond Selfishly – Mother Jones

Mother Jones illustration; Sindy Sussengut / Unsplash; Getty Facts matter: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter. Support our nonprofit reporting. Subscribe to our print magazine. At Mother Jones, stories About Covid’s disparate impacts have been at the core of our pandemic coverage. Back in April 2020, my colleagues Edwin Rios and Sinduja … Read more

Scientists get inventive to reveal secret social lives of great white sharks

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 Public Domain Great white sharks around Mexico’s Guadalupe Island sometimes hang out with each other — and while it’s not a popularity contest, some might just be a little more social than others. Florida International University (FIU) marine scientist Yannis Papastamatiou, Ph.D. candidate Sarah Luongo and a collaborative team of researchers, … Read more

‘We are turning a corner.’ Acting White House science director moves to calm troubled office | Science

It has been 1 month since Alondra Nelson became acting head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) following the 7 February resignation of Eric Lander, who admitted to “disrespectful and demeaning” treatment of employees at the low-profile policy. shop. Nelson, a sociologist who has written extensively about the impact of … Read more

Resignation leads to controversial division of White House science adviser’s job | Science

President Joe Biden’s decision to appoint two people to temporarily fill the White House’s top science advice position — a job typically held by one appointee — is drawing mixed reactions from the US research community, including opposing takes from two former presidential science advisers. The Biden administration said yesterday it is “doubling down on … Read more

Whistleblower alleges bullying, ethical lapses at White House science office

The complaint lays out the most detailed allegations to date of purported unlawful behavior and harassment by Eric Lander, who served in President Biden’s Cabinet before resigning last month. Lander stepped down after an investigation found credible evidence that he had bullied staff in violation of the White House’s “safe and respectful workplace policy,” and … Read more

Ukraine war: Russia could use chemical or biological weapons, White House warns | World News

Russia could be laying the groundwork for the use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, the White House has warned. Press secretary Jen Psaki made the remarks in response to Russia’s claim Ukraine was running chemical and biological weapons labs with US support. Ms Psaki called the claim “preposterous” and said it could be … Read more

Putin’s missiles pound Kharkhiv in fresh shelling as warnings of ‘biological weapons’ issued by White House

VLADIMIR Putin’s missiles rained down on Kharkiv last night in more heavy shelling, as the White House warned the Russian despot may be prepared to unleash “biological weapons” on Ukraine. Shocking footage appears to show a series of terrifying explosions in the besieged port city – and another clip reveals aftermath of Vlad’s bombs inside … Read more

White House warns Russia could use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The White House on Wednesday warned that Russia could use “chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine” or could create a “false flag operation” using them, after the Kremlin accused the US of being involved in biological weapons research at Ukrainian labs. The director of the Russian Ministry … Read more