Science & Tech Spotlight: Alternative Data Storage Technologies

Why This Matters Current technologies are energy intensive and may not meet the exponentially increasing demand for data storage. Without alternatives — such as synthetic DNA or glass — businesses, governments, and individuals may lose billions of gigabytes of data in the next decade. However, high costs and slow write speeds of these technologies pose … Read more

Science fiction versus (virtual) reality; getting your tech stack priorities straight

From yesterday’s ground-breaking AI innovations to tomorrow’s Metaverse, technology is advancing at a never-before-seen rate. With new developments fighting for priority in today’s modern tech stack, the challenge for leaders is to identify what advancements are relevant today and which are still in the realms of fiction for the foreseeable future. First on the agenda; … Read more

Mining is a polluting business. Can new tech make it cleaner?

In March, President Joe Biden ordered more federal resources directed toward mining metals and minerals essential for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, including nickel, cobalt, graphite, and lithium. The presidential directive highlighted one of the most controversial realities at the center of the green energy transition: In order to switch from dirty fossil fuel energy sources … Read more

Enric Sala: ‘We need a wilder world, with wolves and sharks’ | Science & Tech

The marine ecologist Enric Sala.National Geographic As a child on the Mediterranean coast in Gerona, Enric Sala, 54, wanted to be a diver on the Calypso, the research vessel of the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Part of his dream came true, as he became a marine biologist and was able to dive underwater to do … Read more

Scientists discover a new fuel-eating bacterium below car tank lids | Science & Tech

Around 99% of the microbes of the trillion species of bacteria, protozoa and fungi (not including viruses) that inhabit the Earth remain undiscovered, according to research led by Kenneth J. Locey of Rush University Medical Center that was published in Pnas six years ago. This means that any investigation in an unstudied environment has a … Read more

Beyond meat: insects and lab mushrooms to save the planet | Science & Tech

At some point this century, our food production system will collapse. Currently, its most critical link is meat, particularly beef, whose production, according to data from the FAO, has doubled in the last sixty years. 80% of agricultural land is used for cows, pigs or chickens, either in the form of pasture or to grow … Read more

The truth is in here: studying the minds of paranormal believers | Science & Tech

A theatrical séance during a performance at the Among Sprits experience in Madrid.Dark Madrid When people talk about the paranormal, they are generally referring to apparitions, clairvoyance and other occurrences that defy the basic principles of scientific understanding. Although the perception exists that these spirits appear more often in times of crisis, such as during … Read more

DroneShield deploys tech to protect people from drones

In April, when athletes gathered for an annual Texas triathlon, they did so while sensors from counter-drone company DroneShield scanned the sky, looking for any out-of-place drones that could be used for malicious intent. The contract, announced May 5, included ground-based radar and radio frequency sensors, as well as software to recognize and track drones. … Read more

Climate change is increasing the risk of inter-species viral contagions | Science & Tech

At least 13 animal species, from bats to gorillas, are hosts to the Ebola virus. The geographic distribution of these species – and, as such, the areas where potential risk of infection exists – are limited to parts of western central Africa. However, driven by climate change, they are moving to new habitats and carrying … Read more

Thermic Science Reports Aggressive 2022 Growth Guidance, Thermic Tech New Product Launches, Cannabis Science Acquisition, Successful “Make That Change” Killing Cancer Challenge, 1

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2022 / Thermic Science International Corporation, (OTC: ENDO), a US an Advanced Technology Global Consortium, focused on providing key real-time, public access Digital HUB with advanced SaaS solutions. Focused on a hybrid mix of traditional real-world transactions online with real-time inter-connectivity tools for business and personal information and … Read more