Q&A: Talking God, science and religion with theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek has a special fondness for rainbows. It’s not just the show-stopping, full-arc-across-the-sky rainbows that catch the Nobel laureate’s eye. He is equally transfixed by the array of color that shows up on soap bubbles, in sprays of water and in prisms. “There are rainbows all over the place, once you start paying attention,” … Read more

Partial to Home: The past is not even past: talking history with Rufus Ward

Birney Imes You grow up in a thick place with history, the descendant of two families with deep roots in that place. You were raised by relatives who spent long hours around dinner tables and on front porches telling stories. You have an older cousin, a geology professor, who takes you fossil hunting and teaches … Read more

Americans do not like talking about it, but the Soviet Union produced a golden age of science

Russia has never had a great image in the United States. Long before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the biggest country in the world was notorious in public consciousness for controlling the Soviet Union during the Cold War, spreading Communism after the Bolshevik Revolution and even purportedly throwing its weight behind Donald Trump in the 2016 … Read more

Talking With Bill Ryan, Detective of the Deeps

Talking With Bill Ryan, Detective of the Deeps During a career that began in the early 1960s at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, marine geologist William BF Ryan has delved into countless mysteries of the deep sea. Early on, he pioneered sonar equipment that allowed scientists to see small but significant ocean-bed features that previously … Read more