MIT fuel cell could use the body’s own sugar to generate electricity

Silicon chip with 30 individual glucose micro fuel cells, seen as small silver squares inside each gray rectangle. Credit: Kent Dayton Glucose is the sugar we absorb from the foods we eat. It is the fuel that powers every cell in our bodies. Could glucose also power tomorrow’s medical implants? Engineers at MIT and the … Read more

Sugar Aversion Hampers Cockroach Coupling

Male cockroaches attract females by providing a roach version of chocolate – sugars and fats. Glucose-averse females, however, sometimes flee when their saliva turns the sweet treat into a bitter pill. Credit: Ayako Wada-Katsumata New research from[{” attribute=””>North Carolina State University (NC State) shows the behavioral mechanism behind a sweet cockroach mating ritual that takes … Read more

Artificial sweeteners may not be safe sugar alternatives – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Artificial sweeteners reduce added sugar content and corresponding calories while maintaining sweetness. A study publishing March 24th in PLOS Medicine by Charlotte Debras and Mathilde Touvier at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France and colleagues suggest that some artificial sweeteners are associated with increased cancer … Read more

Isomaltulose Market 2022 By Key Players (Baolingbao Biology Co. Ltd., Borger GmbH, MITSUI SUGAR, Beneo GmbH) – ChattTenn Sports

Global Isomaltulose Market Report Emphasis On Latest Market Advancements Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic Market Research Store has published the latest report on the global Isomaltulose market. The report provides all the valuable data based on the fundamental fragmentation of the market into different sectors. In this research report, different vital elements including competitive landscape, geographical … Read more

How does the sugar O-GlcNAc regulate nuclear and cytosolic proteins?

In July, scientists from around the world will gather at the University of Georgia’s Complex Carbohydrate Research Center to discuss how post-translational modification with the monosaccharide O-linked N-acetylglucosamine, or O-GlcNAc, regulates nuclear and cytosolic proteins. The meeting, titled “O-GlcNAc regulation of cellular physiology and pathophysiology,” is co-organized by two professors at the University of Georgia: … Read more

Two glasses of wine might add more sugar to your diet than eating a doughnut

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Soft drinks have been the focus of the UK government attempts to curb people’s sugar intake in recent years, but the same approach has not yet been applied to the sugar content in alcoholic drinks. The government introduced “sugar taxes” on soft drinks in 2018, meaning manufacturers are charged a levy … Read more

Experiments Show How Sugar Molecules Can Be Used To Track Stem Cells in the Brain

Unlike most other cells, mannose residues (green) are abundant on the MSC cell membrane. Using an MRI technique that is sensitive to the presence of mannose, tracking of transplanted MSCs is now possible without the need of labeling them. Credit: Image courtesy of Shreyas Kuddannaya A Johns Hopkins Medicine scientist who spent 30 years figuring … Read more

What’s the difference between sugar, other natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. A quick walk down the aisle of any corner store demonstrates the food scientists’ incredible ingenuity in finding the sweet taste. In some drinks you will find sugar. Diet soda can be artificial or artificial sweeteners that are low in calories. And what is found in other things is high fructose … Read more