The Alternative Meat Industry Wants Solar Power Style Mandates And Subsidies

A new report says that the alternative meat industry, plant-based products designed to look and taste like meat, raised $ 8 billion even during the pandemic. That’s a big success. They want more but oddly lament that most of their money comes from the private sector. They want the trillions of dollars in subsidies that … Read more

The science of home food preservation: Yes, it matters | Home Style

Did you ever wonder why it is so important to use only research-based recipes in home canning? Participants in Penn State Extension home canning classes frequently tell educators they have been canning with a family or friend’s favorite recipes, recipes found somewhere online, from various cookbooks, or make up their own recipes. This article will … Read more


You’ve probably heard of Pavlov’s dogs, but are you familiar with some of the other animals who have contributed to scientific knowledge? Alex the African gray, whose name was formed from the words “avian learning experiment,” had a vocabulary of more than 100 words, could identify 50 different objects, and was able to distinguish multiple … Read more

Flying or Falling With Style?

Ski jumpers use aerodynamics and physics to overcome gravity – at least for a while. If you or I jump in the air as high as possible, we can stay off the ground for about half a second. Michael Jordan could stay aloft for almost one second. While there are many events at the Winter … Read more