Violent Coastal Storms Could Help Protect Beaches From Sea Level Rise

A new research study finds that extreme weather events could actually help protect beaches from the impact of sea level rise – by bringing in new sand from deeper waters or from nearby beaches. Images in the wake of violent coastal storms usually focus purely on the extensive damage caused to beaches, dunes, property, and … Read more

65,000 Years of Food Scraps Show How One Culture Thrived During Environmental Changes

For 65,000 years, Bininj – the local Kundjeihmi word for Aboriginal people – have returned to Madjedbebe rock shelter on Mirarr Country in the Kakadu region (in the Northern Territory). Over this immense span of time, the environment around the rock shelter has changed dramatically. Our paper, published last week in Quaternary Science Reviewsuses ancient … Read more

Bogs, lakebeds, and sea floors compete to become Anthropocene’s ‘golden spike’ | Science

If you had to pick one spot that best reflects when human activity became an Earth-shaping force, where would it be? Geoscientists will consider the question this month when they meet to evaluate 12 sites, only one of which can serve as the “golden spike” for the Anthropocene, a proposed geological age beginning in the … Read more

Sea Cucumber Capsule Market Size, Outlook And Forecast

New Jersey, United States – The Sea Cucumber Capsule Market research report offers comprehensive coverage of the Sea Cucumber Capsule Market in the forecast period 2022-2029. It provides historical, current, and future market trends to help in developing a robust market strategy. Additionally, it provides value chain analysis, key drivers, and challenges, and includes upcoming … Read more

18,000 Years Ago, The ‘Zealandia Switch’ Decimated Earth’s Glaciers. Has It Returned?

Earlier this month, we wrapped up the latest annual end-of-summer snowline survey over New Zealand’s South Island (Te Waipounamu), providing a birdseye view of how glaciers fared during the past year. This collection of aerial photos adds to a near half-century perspective of irrefutable and dramatic climate change impacts on New Zealand’s frozen landscapes. To … Read more

Satellites and Drones Are Being Used To Study Glacial Physics and Predict Sea Level Rise

Calving front of the Upsala Glacier in Argentina. This glacier has been thinning and retreating at a rapid rate during the last decades – from 2006 to 2010, it receded 43.7 yards (40 meters) per year. Credit: Etienne Berthier / Université de Toulouse / NASA Goddard Brent Minchew leads two proposals to better understand glacial … Read more

NRL highlights state-of-the-art research at Sea Air Space – BIOENGINEER.ORG

WASHINGTON – The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) will showcase cutting-edge research and technologies during the Navy League’s Global Maritime Exposition Sea-Air-Space in exhibit booth # 1847 at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, April 4-6, 2022. The annual event is the largest maritime exposition in the US and brings together the … Read more

Sea Cucumber Capsules Market Growth 2022 Analysis By Leading Keyplayers

New Jersey, USA, –Sea Cucumber Capsules Market reports study a variety of parameters such as raw materials, costs, and technology, and consumer preferences. It also provides important market credentials such as history, various extensions and trends, trade overview, regional markets, trade and market competitors.Sea Cucumber Capsules Market Report Based on market share analysis of major … Read more

Record-Smashing Heatwaves Are Hitting Antarctica And The Arctic at The Same Time

Record-breaking heatwaves hit both Antarctica and the Arctic simultaneously this week, with temperatures reaching 47 ° C and 30 ° C higher than normal. Heatwaves are bizarre at any time in Antarctica, but particularly now at the equinox as Antarctica is about to descend into winter darkness. Likewise, up north, the Arctic is just emerging … Read more