Ice giants and icy moons: The planetary science decadal survey looks beyond Mars to the outer solar system

The last time the planetary science community came together to conduct a decadal survey, Mars was ascendant. NASA had flown a series of Mars missions and was working on its most ambitious rover yet, Curiosity. The decadal survey endorsed continuing that Mars exploration strategy by backing a mission to collect samples as the first step … Read more

‘Not just a science’: Vanderbilt University’s new major offers a new way to study climate change

A university in the US is introducing a new interdisciplinary climate and environmental studies major. It’s the first time climate studies have been treated as more than a pure STEM subject. Students can still expect to take a climate science course, as well as courses on climate and environmental studies in the social sciences, natural … Read more

Robot Women in Science Fiction, From Blade Runner to Westworld

What are Women? Creators? Progenitors? Rebels? Disrupters? Soldiers? Objects? Are women ever really just people? Are they even human at all? In looking at science fiction films and television, women often lack depth and humanity in the literal sense, assuming the role of the artificially created. Manufactured Woman: the clone, the replica, the robotic woman. … Read more

Science & Tech Spotlight: Alternative Data Storage Technologies

Why This Matters Current technologies are energy intensive and may not meet the exponentially increasing demand for data storage. Without alternatives — such as synthetic DNA or glass — businesses, governments, and individuals may lose billions of gigabytes of data in the next decade. However, high costs and slow write speeds of these technologies pose … Read more

The small things make a big difference in the science of measurement

As technology shrinks to the nanoscale, measuring the things we can barely see becomes ever more important. Credit: ito Rito Succeed, Shutterstock Scientists must make ever more sophisticated measurements as technology shrinks to the nanoscale and we face global challenges from the effects of climate change. As industry works more and more on the nanometer … Read more

Brexit tensions mean Brits won’t get EU science cash, Brussels warns – POLITICO

BRUSSELS and LONDON – The European Union has confessed it is holding back funding for British scientists as punishment for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s threat to rip up parts of the Brexit deal. For as long as the spat over post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland drags on, Brussels won’t let the UK be … Read more

The science behind Texas barbecue | Livestock

As a proud third-generation pitmaster, Bryan Bracewell, Texas A&M University class of 1998, has a passion for Texas barbecue that is steeped in family tradition. Bracewell is the current owner of his family’s business, Southside Market and Barbecue, a barbecue restaurant and market that has served the residents of Elgin since 1882. It was this … Read more

Q&A: Talking God, science and religion with theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek has a special fondness for rainbows. It’s not just the show-stopping, full-arc-across-the-sky rainbows that catch the Nobel laureate’s eye. He is equally transfixed by the array of color that shows up on soap bubbles, in sprays of water and in prisms. “There are rainbows all over the place, once you start paying attention,” … Read more