Dr. Oz spouts misinformation. Could his rise have silver lining for public health?

WASHINGTON – In his run for the US Senate, Dr. Oz repeatedly reminds audiences that, yes, he is a “Doctor.” He refers to himself as a “world-class” surgeon, pausing during campaign stops to measure voters’ blood pressure and pose for pictures with former patients. He’s spent the past year warning voters that “America’s heartbeat is … Read more

Violent Coastal Storms Could Help Protect Beaches From Sea Level Rise

A new research study finds that extreme weather events could actually help protect beaches from the impact of sea level rise – by bringing in new sand from deeper waters or from nearby beaches. Images in the wake of violent coastal storms usually focus purely on the extensive damage caused to beaches, dunes, property, and … Read more

Ucore Mobilizes Geological Crew to Bokan Mountain as Prices for Heavy Rare Earth Oxides Continue to Rise

Ucore’s subcontracted geological team, Aurora Geosciences Ltd., is mobilizing for deployment to the Bokan Mountain Complex during the week of May 9, 2022, for Ucore’s Summer 2022 Resource Upgrade Program, a program intended to: The Bokan-Dotson Ridge Zone is enriched with heavy rare earth elements, including terbium and dysprosium, the two heavy rare earth elements … Read more

See the Blood Moon rise in must-see total lunar eclipse event

On the night of May 15-16, the attention of millions of people will be drawn skyward, where a mottled, coppery globe – the moon – will be completely immersed in the long, tapering cone of shadow cast into space by our planet. If the weather is clear, skywatchers across most of the Americas, Europe and … Read more

Skyrmions on the rise – new 2D material advances low-power computing – BIOENGINEER.ORG

– By Rachel Berkowitz Two-dimensional magnetic materials have been hailed as building blocks for the next generation of small, fast electronic devices. These materials, made of layers of crystalline sheets just a few atoms thick, gain their unique magnetic properties from the intrinsic compass-needle-like spins of their electrons. The sheets’ atomic-scale thinness means that these … Read more

Sudden rise of more transmissible form of Omicron catches scientists by surprise | Science

On 7 December 2021, as the Omicron variant of the pandemic coronavirus began to pummel the world, scientists officially identified a related strain. BA.2 differed by about 40 mutations from the original Omicron lineage, BA.1, but it was causing so few cases of COVID-19 that it seemed a sideshow to its rampaging counterpart. “I was … Read more

Cannabis poisoning is on the rise in pets

Cases of cannabis poisoning in pets have risen significantly over the past few years, a survey of veterinarians in Canada and the United States indicates. Researchers asked 251 vets about the frequency, circumstances, and symptoms of cannabis poisoning (also known as cannabis-induced toxicosis) they’d observed since Canada legalized recreational weed in 2018. The team found … Read more

With climate despair on the rise, this Christian scientist says science is not enough

Placeholder while article actions load MADISON, Wis. – When he was a little boy roaming the forests and marshes of Illinois, Rick Lindroth adored catching frogs and climbing trees. His dream came true when he became a full-time scientist, paid to make observations in nature. Even when he is not officially the job, with binoculars … Read more

Satellites and Drones Are Being Used To Study Glacial Physics and Predict Sea Level Rise

Calving front of the Upsala Glacier in Argentina. This glacier has been thinning and retreating at a rapid rate during the last decades – from 2006 to 2010, it receded 43.7 yards (40 meters) per year. Credit: Etienne Berthier / Université de Toulouse / NASA Goddard Brent Minchew leads two proposals to better understand glacial … Read more

Antarctic ice shelves are shattering. How fast will seas rise?

All scientist Erin Pettit could see when she looked at the satellite photos of the ice shelf in front of the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica was the giant crack that stretched across most of the image. Two years before, when she and her colleagues were deciding where to put their research camp, the entire … Read more