The Cryptocurrency Crash Is Great News For The Rest of The World. Here’s Why

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were meant to be used as digital cash. Instead, they’ve become popular as speculative investments. As well as being resource-intensive and inherently wasteful, cryptocurrencies are also incredibly volatile. Prices for the largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have both dropped by over 55 percent in six months, leading some to suggest that regulation … Read more

Humans have big plans for mining in space – but there are many things holding us back

The European Space Agency’s Philae lander, which accompanied the Rosetta spacecraft, bounced back twice before settling in an awkward position inside a ditch. Credit: Wiki Commons. Like Earth, planetary bodies such as the Moon, Mars, asteroids and comets contain substantial deposits of valuable resources. This has caught the attention of both researchers and industry, with … Read more

Mining is a polluting business. Can new tech make it cleaner?

In March, President Joe Biden ordered more federal resources directed toward mining metals and minerals essential for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, including nickel, cobalt, graphite, and lithium. The presidential directive highlighted one of the most controversial realities at the center of the green energy transition: In order to switch from dirty fossil fuel energy sources … Read more

Lithium mining needs to get greener for EVs to maintain their earth cred

There’s plenty of column inches given to the environmental advantages of electric vehicles, like reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emission. But there’s a salty little secret often obscured by those who wax lyrical about EVs – the environmental impact of the lithium mined to make EV batteries. So I decided to take a deep … Read more

Geology & Mine Planning Software Market Projected to Show Strong Growth: Hexagon Mining, Bentley, Datamine, Micromine

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire New Jersey, USA – (SBWIRE) – 05/02/2022 – Latest Study on Industrial Growth of Worldwide Geology & Mine Planning Software Market 2021-2027. A detailed study accumulated to offer Latest insights about acute features of the Worldwide Geology & Mine Planning Software market. The report contains different market … Read more

Mining museums’ genomic treasures

The world’s natural history collections hold billions of biological specimens, many of which still contain DNA. Scientists exploring these genetic repositories are gaining new, historical perspectives on how animals evolve. Natural history’s golden age, when Charles Darwin and like-minded scientists pondered connections between creatures and their environments, largely revolved around collecting stuff. Explorers fanned out … Read more

Environmental Registry Of Ontario Proposes Changes To Allow Permanent Geologic Carbon Storage Projects – Energy and Natural Resources

To print this article, all you need is to be registered or login on The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (NDMNRF) recently sought feedback on a discussion paper exploring possible legislative changes to remove barriers to the geologic storage of carbon dioxide. On Jan. 11, 2022, the NDMNRF filed a … Read more

Crypto mining moratoriums aim to fight fossil fuel use

Cryptocurrency has captured the hearts and minds of an eclectic mix of individuals: entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, and even criminals. But as crypto booms, so does its carbon footprint. In a first-of-its-kind bill, New York lawmakers are proposing a moratorium on crypto mining, citing its enormous energy consumption as a threat to the state’s environmental and … Read more

Mining Law student to graduate with PhD after submitting for an LLM

Running, meticulous scheduling and spending time with family and friends – it may look like an ordinary diary but this is a combination that University of Cape Town (UCT) Mining Law in Africa graduand Rebecca-Lee Pein used to achieve an outstanding feat. What started out as an LLM in the Department of Private Law under … Read more