Lack of Family, Institutional Support Continues to Beleaguer Women in Science – The Wire Science

Representative photo: Trust Katsande / Unsplash While India’s women’s work-force participation has been decreasing overall, there are also more women in science today than there were before. But within the scientific workforce, women are still often expected to fulfill gendered societal expectations, especially of being caregivers. This puts paid to a healthy balance. Two researchers … Read more

Family Calendar for May 2-9 – Young Scientists Club, Storytime Shorts, Soar Into Summer and Drawing

Circle of Security Parenting Classes – An eight-week program to strengthen your relationship with your young child and meet with other families. Gift cards are given based on attendance. Open to caregivers and their children ages 6 and younger residing in northeast Spokane. Tuesday, Northeast Community Center, 4001 N. Cook St. Free. (509) 487-1603. Soar … Read more

Family Inspires Biology Student’s Research Path

Growing up, Clarissa Garcia’s parents worked multiple jobs and long hours. Garcia spent a lot of time at her grandparents’ house while her parents worked to support the family. To pass the time, Garcia’s grandmother, Antonia, introduced her to the at-home science experiments they could do together. Garcia’s grandmother wasn’t a scientist, but the two … Read more

China’s Long March rocket family: History and photos

China began researching rocketry before the launch of Sputnik in 1957, but it was not until 1970 that the country launched its first satellite into orbit. Since then, China has launched more than 400 missions, and almost all of them have used the Long March (Changzheng) family of rockets. Read more about the history of … Read more

The Spanish Language May Hold The Key to a Perplexing Health Mystery

In early December 2021, I was seeing a physical therapist for a shoulder injury. During one of my visits, the therapist was alternating between me and another patient on an adjacent bed, who had a knee replacement. While the therapist worked on the other patient’s leg, stretching it and bending the knee, I eavesdropped on … Read more

Best family tents of 2022

Few things offer a much-needed change of scenery like hitting the great outdoors and sharing the experience with your loved ones can make it even more special. Every successful camping trip requires adequate preparation to ensure it goes down smoothly, and traveling with a larger group comes with additional unique challenges. Finding the best places … Read more

How baboons keep healthy family boundaries – BIOENGINEER.ORG

DURHAM, NC – Finding love in a small isolated place can be tough when everyone is a familiar face, or when half the dating pool is already out because they’re all close relatives. Credit: Photo by Chelsea Weibel, University of Notre Dame. DURHAM, NC – Finding love in a small isolated place can be tough … Read more

A new molecular family tree of grasses – BIOENGINEER.ORG

The evolutionary relationships among grasses — including important crop plants like wheat, rice, corn, and sugarcane — have been clarified in a new molecular study of the grass family tree. Having a clear picture of the relationships among the grasses can help understanding of how important crop traits like seed size or disease resistance evolves … Read more

“A Genealogy for All of Humanity” – University of Oxford Researchers Create Largest Ever Human Family Tree

Researchers from the[{” attribute=””>University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute have taken a major step towards mapping the entirety of genetic relationships among humans: a single genealogy that traces the ancestry of all of us. The study has been published today in Science. New genealogical network of human genetic diversity reveals how individuals across the world … Read more