Extraterrestrial Stone Could Be First Evidence on Earth of Supernova Ia Explosion

A 3-gram (0.1 ounce) sample of the Hypatia stone. Researchers found a consistent pattern of 15 elements in the Hypatia stone. The pattern is completely unlike anything in our solar system or our solar neighborhood, in the Milky Way. Credit: Romano Serra New chemistry ‘forensics’ indicates that the stone named Hypatia from the Egyptian desert … Read more

Explosion on a White Dwarf Star Observed for the Very First Time

Artist impression of an exploding white dwarf. Credit: University of Tübingen When stars like our Sun run out of fuel, they contract to form white dwarfs. Such dead stars can sometimes flare back to life in a super-hot explosion and produce a fireball of X-ray radiation. A research team from several German institutes including Tübingen … Read more

Hubble Reveals Surviving Companion Star in Aftermath of Titanic Supernova Explosion

This artist’s illustration shows supernova 2013ge, with its companion star at the lower right. The companion star is impacted by the blast wave from the supernova, but not destroyed. Over time astronomers observed the ultraviolet (UV) light of the supernova fading, revealing a nearby second source of UV light that maintained brightness. The theory is … Read more

Astronomers discover micronovae, a new kind of stellar explosion – BIOENGINEER.ORG

A team of astronomers, with the help of the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (ESO’s VLT), have observed a new type of stellar explosion – a micronova. These outbursts happen on the surface of certain stars, and can each burn through around 3.5 billion Great Pyramids of Giza of stellar material in only a … Read more

MAGIC Telescopes Capture Gigantic Thermonuclear Nova Explosion

Nova outbursts are apparently a source for cosmic rays. The MAGIC telescopes have observed the nova RS Ophiuchi shining brightly in gamma rays at extremely high energy. The Gamma rays emanate from protons that are accelerated to very high energies in the shock front following the explosion. This suggests that novae are also a source … Read more

The First Explosion of Life on Earth Made an Impact Deep Under The Surface

The Cambrian Explosion – around 541 million years ago – was when life and organisms really got going on planet Earth. Now new research has revealed how that explosion of life has left behind traces deep within Earth’s mantle. For scientists, it shows the connected interplay between Earth’s surface and what lies beneath, as sediments … Read more

Mysterious Kilonova Explosion Afterglow Potentially Spotted for First Time

An artist’s conception illustrates the aftermath of a “kilonova,” a powerful event that happens when two neutron stars merge. Credit: X-ray: NASA / CXC / Northwestern Univ./A. Hajela et al .; Illustration: NASA / CXC / M.Weiss Strange ‘sonic boom’ accompanied by unprecedented event. Mysterious X-rays observed 3.5 years after the merger of two neutron … Read more

Possible massive ‘kilonova’ explosion creates an epic afterglow

Astronomers may have spotted the afterglow from an epic cosmic event known as a “kilonova.” Kilonovas occur after the collision of two hyper-dense neutron stars, which are the remnants of stars that have died in supernova explosions. Astronomers think they have spotted an afterglow in X-rays from the event, which is dubbed GW170817. The discovery … Read more

We Might Have Seen The Afterglow of a Neutron Star Kilonova Explosion

A strange X-ray glow seen in the sky three and a half years after an epic collision between two neutron stars is a first for science. According to astronomers studying the region of space, it could be the afterglow of the kilonova explosion that was generated by the merger, likely produced by a shock wave … Read more