Explosion on a White Dwarf Star Observed for the Very First Time

Artist impression of an exploding white dwarf. Credit: University of Tübingen When stars like our Sun run out of fuel, they contract to form white dwarfs. Such dead stars can sometimes flare back to life in a super-hot explosion and produce a fireball of X-ray radiation. A research team from several German institutes including Tübingen … Read more

Salt Deposits and Organic Compounds Discovered on Dwarf Planet Ceres

Rugged surface: Numerous large, striking craters are found on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres. Credit: S MPS, based on data from the Dawn mission: NASA / JPL-Caltech / UCLA / MPS / DLR / IDA Researchers find salt deposits in an impact crater on the dwarf planet. The third-largest crater on the dwarf planet … Read more

Scientists spot another crater on dwarf planet Ceres that may mark an icy volcano

Ceres might be spewing cryovolcanoes in yet another spot on the dwarf planet’s surface. Close-up pictures from NASA’s Dawn mission that orbited Ceres between 2015 and 2018 revealed salt deposits in a crater known as Urvara, spotted for the first time in a new study. The salt deposits may be associated with icy volcanoes, the … Read more

Ancient Dwarf Galaxy Shredded in a Collision With the Milky Way May Help in Search for Dark Matter

Astrophysicists have reconstructed a dwarf galaxy shredded in a collision with the Milky Way, a finding that could aid in the search for dark matter. Credit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Ancient dwarf galaxy reconstructed with [email protected] volunteer computer. Astrophysicists for the first time have calculated the original mass and size of a dwarf galaxy that was … Read more

Ancient dwarf galaxy reconstructed with MilkyWay@home volunteer computer – BIOENGINEER.ORG

TROY, NY – Astrophysicists for the first time have calculated the original mass and size of a dwarf galaxy that was shredded in a collision with the Milky Way billions of years ago. Reconstructing the original dwarf galaxy, whose stars today thread through the Milky Way in a stellar “tidal stream,” will help scientists understand … Read more

Debris From Disintegrating Planet Seen Hurtling Into White Dwarf Star for First Time

Artist’s impression of a white dwarf, G29—38, accreting planetary material from a circumstellar debris disk. When the planetary material hits the white dwarf surface, a plasma is formed and cools via detectable X-ray emission. Credit: University of Warwick / Mark Garlick Final Moments of Planetary Remnants Seen for First Time New study confirms decades of … Read more

We Have The First Direct Evidence of a White Dwarf Violently Ripping Apart a Planet

Black holes may be well known for their gluttonous tendencies, but they’re not the only dead stars capable of slurping down passing objects. For years, evidence has been mounting that white dwarf stars also have a penchant for snacking – and on their own planets, no less. Now, for the first time, astronomers have caught … Read more