Vote now for your favorite 2022 Houston science teacher

Since 2019, alliantgroup and the Houston Independent School District have been partnering for the SPARK Award, a program that rewards outstanding HISD science teachers who are increasing student engagement and achievement through innovative lesson plans that emphasize both the importance and fun aspects of science. The overall winner receives a $ 3,500 personal award plus … Read more

The multiverse is huge in pop culture right now – but what is it, and does it really exist?

This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Whether you need a new villain or an old Spider-Man, your sci-fi movie will sound more scientifically respectable if you use the word multiverse. The Marvel multiverse puts different versions of our universe “out there”, … Read more

65,000 Years of Food Scraps Show How One Culture Thrived During Environmental Changes

For 65,000 years, Bininj – the local Kundjeihmi word for Aboriginal people – have returned to Madjedbebe rock shelter on Mirarr Country in the Kakadu region (in the Northern Territory). Over this immense span of time, the environment around the rock shelter has changed dramatically. Our paper, published last week in Quaternary Science Reviewsuses ancient … Read more

Breaking the mold: UW-Madison geneticist bridges art and science, partakes in National Mall display

For years, Ahna Skop did not feel like she fit the mold of a scientist. She comes from a family of artists. Her father, Michael Skop, was a pupil of a famous Croatian artist, Ivan Meštrović, and her dad brought in students from all over the world to an art school they had at their … Read more

The Spanish Language May Hold The Key to a Perplexing Health Mystery

In early December 2021, I was seeing a physical therapist for a shoulder injury. During one of my visits, the therapist was alternating between me and another patient on an adjacent bed, who had a knee replacement. While the therapist worked on the other patient’s leg, stretching it and bending the knee, I eavesdropped on … Read more

Hidden World of Octopus Cities Shows We Must Leave These Sentient Creatures Alone

A recently proposed aquaculture octopus farm in the Canary Islands would raise 3,000 metric tons of octopus a year, which means almost 275,000 individual octopuses will be killed annually. My research examines animal minds and ethics, and to me, the phrase “octopus culture” brings to mind Octopolis and Octlantis, two communities of wild octopuses in … Read more

Archaeologists Discover Innovative Stone-Age Culture in China – Well-Preserved 40,000-Year-Old Paleolithic Site

Archaeologists excavating the well-preserved surface at the Xiamabei site, northern China, showing stone tools, fossils, ocher and red pigments. Credit: Fa-Gang Wang A well-preserved Paleolithic site in northern China reveals a new and previously unidentified set of cultural innovations. The discovery of a new culture suggests processes of innovation and cultural diversification occurring in Eastern … Read more

Traces of an Ancient Human Culture From 40,000 Years Ago Unearthed in China

Scientists discovered remnants of an Old Stone Age culture, less than 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Beijing, where ancient hominins used a reddish pigment called ocher and crafted tiny, blade-like tools from stone. The archaeological site, called Xiamabei, offers a rare glimpse into the life of Homo sapiens and now-extinct human relatives who inhabited … Read more

Near-Earth comet destroys an ancient North American culture 1500 years ago

A magnet holds tiny micrometeorites collected from sediment samples taken from an ancient Hopewell site. Credit: Michael Miller The rapid decline of the Hopewell culture about 1,500 years ago might be explained by falling debris from a near-Earth comet that created a devastating explosion over North America, laying waste to forests and Native American villages … Read more

A Cosmic Airburst May Have Devastated a Vast Native American Culture 1,500 Years Ago

More than 1500 years ago, a vast culture known as the Hopewell tradition (or Hopewell culture) stretched across what is today the eastern United States. The cause of the culture’s decline has long been debated, with war and climate change two of the possibilities, but now a new avenue of inquiry has opened up: debris … Read more