Mike Lunsford: The science of awe | News Columns

In his book, “A Private History of Awe,” essayist Scott Russell Sanders tells us about his personal journey through a life underscored by wonder and exploration and observation. He wanted the best of those things for his children; wants them for his grandchildren too. He writes, “It often said a young child is like a … Read more

Commentary: Believe in science? Bad big-data studies may shake your faith | Opinion Columns

Coffee was wildly popular in Sweden in the 17th century – and also illegal. King Gustav III believed that it was a slow poison and devised a clever experiment to prove it. He commuted the sentences of murderous twin brothers who were waiting to be beheaded, on one condition: One brother had to drink three … Read more

Jim McCormac celebrates Columbus Dispatch Nature columns’ centennial

On March 5, 1922, a lawyer-turned-naturalist named Edward Sinclair Thomas penned the first incarnation of this column. The Dispatch had asked him to write a short series of articles about birds, and Thomas eagerly took up the challenge. His writings proved popular, and the newspaper asked him to continue with the column. He did so … Read more