Sweet dog chooses her own shelter kitten to bring home

One of the most common misconceptions in the world is that cats and dogs can never get along. To be fair, there are countless examples to reinforce it. Plus, there’s an unlikely friendship in the world of cats and dogs, suggesting that cats and dogs can not only recognize each other, but can actually become best friends.

Raven the dog and Woodhouse the cat fell in love at first sight. Now these two impossible people are melting the hearts of people all over the world. The friendship between 2 people who like to do anything together is getting deeper with each passing day. But the best thing about this story is not that.

The two come together in an incredible way. Raven felt a little lonely and needed a playmate who could climb, run and watch TV, so the owner decided to take her to the shelter to see if there was anyone who could. sympathize with him.

I always thought: I want to raise a dog and a cat together. It was like a goal in life, said Raven’s mother, Christina. I wanted them to be good friends.

That’s why I wanted cats to get along very well and cats to get along well with dogs.

What the owner could not imagine was that this person was a cat. Raven was immediately attracted to this kitten, and since then 2 people have become inseparable. And there’s some great supporting evidence too. These are two people who look good. Like when I was a puppy or a kitten, I was less likely to snuggle. But it’s no different to be together and play together all the time, says Christina.

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