Something was wrong with the dog after visiting the hairdresser!

The lady took her dog to the salon for a haircut. Tykes Cherry used to take Happy to a grooming center where the animals were bathed, groomed and shorn. When this lady picked up her pet after the treatment, they didn’t realize right away that it wasn’t their dog.

To go home, she placed Lucky in the passenger seat of the automobile. At first, Tykesha thought the groom had cut the dog a little shorter than normal, giving it an unusual appearance. Happy, on the other hand, didn’t respond to the nickname and was sad, as she later found out.

The only assumption was that it wasn’t his dog. Tykes returned it to the groomer to find a real owner and to be reunited with Lucky. She arrived at the same time as another girl, who exclaimed: “Hi, Bentley!” seeing the dog in his hands.

“When I asked, ‘Is that your dog? She said yes.”,- recalls Tykesha. Therefore, the dogs were replaced. The groomer expressed regret. “When I took Happily, I felt relaxed. Tykes remarked, “I’m praying he didn’t see me leaving the hairdresser with another dog.”

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