Someone threw the puppies down a well, and a poisonous but extremely friendly cobra helped them

These puppies were only two months old when they ended up in the well.

And the shocking fact is that they slept next to an extremely dangerous animal; It was a poisonous but friendly cobra.

When the youngsters peeked into the well, they saw two puppies there, next to which this same Cobra was lying.

This frightened them;,but the situation was incomprehensible and at the same time shocking; because

the snake watched the puppies; and even to was careful that the babies avoid the dangers in the well.

And when people came to the rescue, the snake waited until the rescuers managed to get the puppies out of the well, and only after that she left.

Such a story makes us believe that even dangerous animals like snakes can be kind and their behavior can be based on their emotions.

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