So Different: A Photography Project That Proved There Are No Completely Alike Twins

Photographer Peter zelewski (Peter Zelewski) in a new series of portraits Alike But Not Alike presented the idea of ​​how, with an unconditional Genetic identity, Twins can differ from each other. As part of the project, Peter zelewski took pictures of more than 30 people. The photographer for the filming location chose the streets of London, but with the clause “neutral city background” to hide the social status of the heroes.

Peter zelewski, commenting on the idea and the result of the project, writes: “despite the fact that all the Twins were dressed in the same way, each of the couples has obvious differences. Their different facial expressions, emotions and postures once again prove that there are no completely alike Twins.

In the photos, the characters are really dressed in similar or identical clothes, they have similar hairstyles and poses, however, this is almost the only thing that unites them. In the photos, you can see that the models of young age are more similar, while in adults, differences appear in the look, facial expressions, which may indicate more serious distinctive traits regarding the perception of the world and the temperament.

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