Six handsome guys from the 1990s-2000s series: what’s wrong with them now?

Modern children will not understand what it means to give up everything, games and how fast you can run to catch your favorite series. And so it was in the 90s and 2000s, when almost every girl in the country turned on the TV at the same time to admire their favorite actor. Years have passed since then, and some of them are already in their fifties.

Patrick Puideba as Nicolas from Helen and the Boys

Helen and the Boys was one of the first and most popular sitcoms on television. He was talking about French students who lived in a hostel, visited cozy cafes and rehearsed in the same cozy garage. They constantly fell in love, quarreled, reconciled and were friends. The likeable main character Nicolas was played by Patrick Puydeba. Then his popularity instantly increased, he could not calmly move through the streets – fans were everywhere. After that, he starred in the sequel to “Helen and Rebet” – “Dreams of Love”, “Vacation of Love” and several other projects. He is currently a television presenter. Patrick is married to a daughter 20 years his junior (he is 49), the couple have no children yet.

Matt Leblanc – Joey from Friends

Matt Leblanc played a kind and naive character who often got into mischief, but who was very charming and sympathetic. After “Friends”, he starred in the comedy “Joey”, then there was the TV series “Episodes”, he also starred in several feature films, but they were far from the popularity of “Friends”. Now Matt works as a TV and radio presenter, is a producer and a guest on many TV shows.

George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross from the ER

At that time, medical series were new, and with George Clooney in the title role – just a real discovery. The actor played a professional rebel who consistently stood up for justice and saved lives. He has long been one of the symbols of Hollywood and has become one of the most popular actors. It is worth mentioning at least his films such as “Batman and Robin”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “The American”, “Gravity”, “Tomorrowland”…

In September 2014, he married beauty Amal Alamuddin, who was successfully building a career as a lawyer. Their children – twins Ella and Alexander – are already 3 years old.

Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210

“Beverly Hills” can be safely called one of the most popular series of the 90s. For Jason, the role of Brandon has become his trademark for many years, he starred in this series for 10 years! Behind him are also many other works as an actor and as a director. One of the actor’s favorite hobbies is running, in which he actively took part until he had an accident in 2002. He was seriously injured and left the sport. Now he is a sponsor of various racing teams. By the way, after this accident, Naomi Lowd, the make-up artist, was always next to Priestley. A romance was born between the young people and they soon got married. Now Jason and Naomi live in Los Angeles and are raising a son and a daughter. The 50-year-old actor is still very attractive, he has repeatedly found himself on the lists of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Grant Show and Andrew Shue – “bad” and “good” guys from the “Melrose Place” series

Even before Melrose Place, Grant Show was a famous actor. He, by the way, starred in Beverly Hills 90210. And in “Melrose” he got the role of “villain” – however, with crazy charm. Grant Show also performed extensively in theatre. At the moment he is a very popular actor.

Andrew Shue played good guy Billy Campbell at Melrose Place.

Her subsequent career cannot be called successful: less than a dozen minor roles. But he paid a lot of attention to charitable activities, for example, he founded the Do Something Foundation.

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