Sibling Dogs Passing Each Other on the Street Recognize Each Other Immediately

A walk with a dog became the catalyst for an unexpected family reunion. The two friends immediately hit it off. Although they hadn’t seen each other since they were puppies, they recognized each other and immediately cuddled together.

Called Monty and Rosie, they were born from the same litter in June this year. At first, Rosie and Monty were kept for a week by a friend of Killip’s who lives in a nearby town, but then the puppies were lost.

It was only last month that they were unexpectedly reunited. Crip says: They both jumped up and hugged, it was so cute. It’s amazing how they remember each other after not seeing each other for 10 months.

The adorable story was posted by Libby Pinch on Twitter about a conversation she had with her father, which has since gone viral. Dave was walking his dog when a couple approached with a white dog. It turned out that they were siblings from the same maternity ward. But instead of playing with other dogs, why not take a look here.

However, Twitter users and Mr Kilip believe the boys know each other. Perhaps the affection between the two dogs comes from the comfort and familiarity that the second dog brings to the first. According to Tufts University, dogs of the same breed get along well. However, we know that one dog retains the other’s scent longer. We can never be sure dogs realize that it is a family relationship.

Monty and Rosie may or may not know they are siblings, but they will know that someone important lives nearby. When the risk-related restriction measures are relaxed, their parents will try to stay together. Kirip promises to keep in touch: It’s a bit difficult now, but when it’s over, it’ll be bearable.

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