Shelter overflowing with 40 black cats comes up with a special plan to get them adopted

About three months ago Meshoppen Cat Rescue received a call that there were about 19 abandoned cats nearby that needed homes.

But when staff members arrived on the scene, they found 40 cats and kittens — almost all of them had black coats.

“They were all scared,” said shelter representative Paula Christine Foux.

Shelter staff quickly transported the cats to the rescue, where they received the necessary vaccinations and were neutered and neutered.

Then came the question of adoption. Staff members were concerned that it would be difficult to find homes for the cats, as black cats are often neglected at the shelter.

Foux can’t figure out why, but time and again she’s noticed that black cats tend to be less popular.

“We have a really hard time adopting black cats and kittens,” Foux said. “We just think it’s because people are so superstitious. [Les chats] are very loving, they try to make themselves known, but it seems that they are simply pushed aside.”

Foux knew they had to do something big. She explained to her vet that she wanted to hold an event specifically to help black cats get adopted, and the vet came up with a perfect name — they would be hosting a “Black Cat Manna.”

The shelter decided to host the bonanza in conjunction with a car show. Locals flocked to meet the cats and enjoy the vehicles on display.

The event was a success — soon many formerly neglected cats returned home to families who were so happy to care for them.

For these cats and kittens, this event was a life-defining moment. After so many years of being everyone’s last choice, they could finally shine, proving to everyone that they have just as much love to give.

To support other cats, donate to Meshoppen Cat Rescue here.

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