At the end of March 2018, in the animal shelter “Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption” in the state of Kansas (USA) got heavily pregnant Chihuahua, who received the nickname Lol (lol). The dog was handed over by its former owner, who apparently accidentally allowed her pet to be pregnant and did not want to come into contact with the puppies.
The Chihuahua was still very young, she was only 18 months old and, judging by her very swollen belly, she was carrying a large number of puppies. Observers said the dog from the outside looked “like a living balloon.”

The volunteers were sure that Lol had at least eight puppies inside. The maximum number of registered puppies ever given birth to Chihuahua breed dogs was ten. Until the Lol affair.

Five days after entering the shelter, Lol began to give birth. The puppies were helped by volunteer Rebecca Taylor.

“We were told there would be about eight puppies,” says Rebecca, “I started adopting them. Seven eight nine ten!”.

The birth of little Lol was long and difficult, she gave birth all night, and in the morning near her on the litter there were as many as 11 puppies! For Rebecca and other volunteers, it was a shock.

At the same time, all Lol puppies were healthy and strong, which was also a miracle. The vet has confirmed that the puppies are in excellent condition.

After the shock and the euphoria of what happened, the volunteers contacted the representatives of the Guinness Book of Records and made a request for inclusion in the book Lol, as a Chihuahua, who gave birth to the times the largest number of puppies in the world. They were told that within 12 weeks they would review their application and issue a decision.

Lol and her puppies will be in a shelter for at least two months under the supervision of volunteers, then they will seek permanent owners.

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