Seal is happy to celebrate his 31st birthday with a giant ice cream cake

This is Yule Logs, a gray seal; who liked the delicacies

Before returning to the wild, Yule Logs lives in a marine park in northern England.

“Three months after release, Yule Logs has been rescued by the RSPCA,” the Cornwall Seal Reserve wrote on Facebook.

Typically, male gray seals live to be 25 years old, but Yule Logs recently celebrated its 31st birthday.

To celebrate this holiday, the shrine gave her a special gift: an iced fish pie.

The seal was overjoyed and did not hesitate to express it.

According to Georgina Shannon, Marketing and Media Coordinator; the Jews loved his birthday cake.

The birthday party not only delighted Yule Log, but also encouraged his guardians.

“So it was really nice to have a celebratory time.”-said Shannon.

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