‘Sacred White Crow’ found injured owes its life to the Good Samaritan

A resident of Errington, BC couldn’t believe his eyes when he came across a white crow. The man was on a field outside of town when he spotted the strange bird. He immediately noticed that the young crow was injured. The desperate bird was unable to fly and its legs were full of wounds. The kind-hearted man immediately rushed to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center.

Even the staff at the rescue center were surprised that such a rare bird had been brought to them. Either way, their main concern was the critical condition of the bird. They feared for his life because his injuries seemed worse than they thought.

“These crows have been dubbed ‘the sacred white crows of Oceanside,'” said Derek Downes of the Wildlife Recovery Center. “Unfortunately, only one has survived its first winter.”

Since Raven’s condition was critical as he was not even able to eat, he was immediately taken to the intensive care unit. Here they gave him antibiotics to heal his wounds and vitamins to help him regain his strength. Fortunately, the rare bird has responded very well to the medication and is now on the road to recovery. Although it will be some time before he can return to the wild, the staff at the recovery center are very confident that he will pull through.

“His physical condition is fantastic now and he’s been flying a bit in his paddock,” Downes said. “I really, really hope we’re going to have success with this one.”

The unusual coloring of the raven’s feathers is due to a genetic condition called leucism. Unfortunately, this very rare occurrence not only affects his feather pigmentation, but it can also affect his eyesight or even worse, his immune system.

“It’s actually a leucistic raven,” Downes explained. He has a bit of melanin, he’s not a real albino, he lacks all melanin. Unfortunately, these crows seem to have very weakened immune systems.”

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