Rescued lioness repays caregiver with lots of hugs

Friendship is not limited, regardless of language, culture, geography and even species. Most pet owners scream and rage that dogs and cats are man’s best friend, but wildlife enthusiast Valentin Gruener is a friend of a different caliber.

Presumably the lion Silga is Val’s best friend. Whenever they see each other, they jump on each other for their special bond. Someone recorded these touching encounters on video and it went viral, here: Val thinks Sirga might be the best lion in the world, but he’s not going to try to befriend him because he can have adverse consequences.

She is always kind and friendly, despite her size. But I’m the only one interacting with him. It’s dangerous for those she’s not used to. This is how Val recalls the story of their meeting: It started ten years ago, when Silga was no longer fed by her mother and I had to lift her by hand.

Lioness Sirga was born on February 25, 2012 after being identified as a problem animal after being captured by a lion in the wild and then released into the Prairie Bushman Lodge property into the wild. When her mother stopped giving her food, Valentin started looking after her.

They quickly got good. At that point, Sirga started hugging to make it a habit. Silga continued to grow over time and their relationship grew closer as she matured.

With 2000 hectares created especially for him, Sirga and Valentin are now resting. But now Silga has her own region to rule, so her kingdom is very calm, there is little conflict, but she can.

Today, she lives in a 2000ha reserve, which was developed especially for her. I’m still there for him every day. I live among the bushes of Sirga and Botswana.

More often than not, they relax in the shade, explore Sirga’s domain and, of course, snuggle up there. According to Valentin Graugner, Sirga’s personal care had a profound and positive impact on him.

I have always loved animals, but Sirga changed my life forever. Being in charge of this still teaches me every day what it really means to be there for another being.

I will be by his side and will continue to fight for the survival of his wild relatives for as long as I live.

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, animals!

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