Rescued Greyhound Was Afraid Of Affection Until He Saw His Baby Brother

A Greyhound named Mosley was 4 years old when he was rescued from the dog racing industry. Scott Merrichue and his wife were quick to take the dog in, but she was so used to the noise and the multitude of dogs around her that she had no idea how to react to the love and kindness of the dogs. people.

“When we first took him in, he had a bit of separation anxiety and he was really protecting his space,” Scott told The Dodo. “Over the years it took a lot of patience to make him feel as comfortable as he is now in off-piste life.” When Scott’s wife became pregnant, 8-year-old Mosley became particularly attentive to her.

“At the end of his pregnancy, he was much more affectionate with my wife,” Merrichue said. “He knew something was up!” Boy Lucas Merrichue was born about a week ago and Mosley had nothing but love for him.

“His initial reaction to Lucas was very interested, but he knew to keep his distance,” Scott explained. “He treated the baby really well. Currently we lock the kitties in the room for the night, but Mosley is allowed in.

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