Rescued cat can’t help but say mama to the woman who took him in

Derek Schmidt and his fiancée bought their dog Dexter when he was just six months old. The couple had always wanted a dog, and when they saw the photo of the dog on the shelter’s website…they thought, Oh yeah, that’s the one. When they got to the shelter, Dexter was leaning against Derek in his cage. Derek looked at his fiancée and told her he was applying for adoption. Six months after Dexter, a neighbor’s dog, Doakes, joined the family.

The two are like old brothers. When Derek worked in the garden, Doakes was always there. He visited her. He walks around the neighborhood without a leash.

When Derek learned that the SPA was looking for a stray dog, he immediately took Doakes to safety in his garage. He even tracked down the dog’s owner and asked him to keep the dog on a leash at all times to prevent him from being taken away.

However, one day he was taken away by animal control officers because he was walking around without a collar.

Derek couldn’t let him go. Despite being told Doakes was gone, Derek decided to call all the shelters and look for him. Finally, he found him at the shelter.

Derek adopted Doakes and took him home. He hid it from his neglectful ex-parents and kept it on a leash.

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