Rescued Baby Lion Can’t Sleep Without His Favorite Blanket Even Though He’s Now An Adult

All wild animals should roam freely in the wild rather than being kept captive in tiny enclosures. But sadly, we are far from this scenario, as countless animals are forced to lead miserable lives away from their natural habitat.

Luckily, many of these animals were rescued just in time, thanks to kind and caring animal lovers. One such kind person is Vicky Kihi-founder
Wildlife Rescue and Training Center in-Sync Exotics. And one of the countless animals that Vicki and her dedicated team have rescued over the years is Lambert, a handsome, majestic lion.

When his rescuers found him in 2014, Lambert was in terrible condition. Because of the hunger, the poor little soul looks more like a weak puppy than the strong Lion he was meant to be. The lion cub was illegally purchased by a heartless man who kept him as a pet, then decided he no longer wanted the wild animal.

“Previous owners bought him illegally as a pet for their young children,” Angela Culver, media director for In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue, told The Bored Panda. “After a while the family decided they couldn’t keep him in their home, so we were contacted and asked if we could take him, which of course we gladly did.”

When Lambert arrived at the rescue center he was confused and scared, but he quickly won everyone’s hearts with his routine. Apparently the cub found comfort in a blanket and couldn’t sleep without it. “We heard from previous owners that he slept in his grandfather’s bed,” Vicky told The Dodo. “So I brought her a blanket, walked into the aviary and put the blanket in one of the corners. He curled up on this blanket and immediately fell asleep. Since then, I always give him a blanket.

Thanks to the efforts of the rescue team, Lambert made a full recovery and it is now impossible to recognize him. But despite returning to the trail, the now-adult Lion still lives at the center because he wouldn’t survive in the wild. Although he is now an adult Leo, Lambert still needs a blanket to wrap himself in before bed.

“He has 7,000 square feet of running space that includes a covered den for shade and weather protection, and a sunny, grass-covered playground with a pool he loves to play in. play,” Angela Culver said. “He’s like any other 2-year-old Leo, in that he’s active, playful and full of feline character. You know how you feel about him.”

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