Rescue dog waits all day for the man who rescued her to come home from work

Earlier this year, Sarah Fitzwater’s husband was on his way to one of the mines he was visiting on business when he spotted a dog that appeared to be alone nearby. He had no idea where it came from, but when he looked at it again later, it was obvious.

The dog has won her heart. And he realized that she had a special place in his heart.

When Mrs. Fitzwater’s husband visited the mine one day, he decided to bring this sweet dog home to be a new pet. He called her Sadie Kate.

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The frustration of waiting for the rescue of the abandoned puppy was too strong. But every day since then, Sadie Kate has been waiting for something she clearly wants.

And it’s the return of his hero.

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“I work from home,” Fitzwater said, “so I noticed she was waiting for him looking down the street and thought it was lovely.” For Sadie Kate, it’s the most beautiful return home.

The dog who had no friends in this world has found his soul mate.

Fitzwater marvels at Sadie Kate’s love for her husband. He seems like an easy person to love for his kindness and caring spirit.

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