Rat trapped in storm drain had given up hope someone would save her

The other night, Wendy Chairez was out grabbing a bite to eat with some friends in Guadalajara, Mexico, when something caught her eye — and screamed at her heart.

There, on a wet and rainy pavement, was a rat. She had gotten stuck in the metal grate of a storm drain and was struggling to get out.

“I saw how she was trying to push herself with her legs so she could get out of the drain. But she couldn’t,” Chairez told The Dodo. “She had these little eyes that cried out for help.”

Chairez freely admits to being “terrified” by rats, but in that moment of distress she saw the rodent for who she really is — an animal with feelings that just wanted to live and be.

“She gave so much tenderness and sadness,” Chairez said. “So I told my friends that we should help him.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

After trying and failing to free the rat with a broomstick she had found, Chairez put aside the last remnants of her fear and used her hands to gently pull the rat out.

Here is that moment in video:

The rat seemed to have given up hope that someone would stop to help him. But she was wrong. Chairez had saved his life.

“The little mouse was very weak, but she grabbed onto the broom handle and I carried her down the sidewalk,” Chairez said.

After that, the rat ran away to find shelter from the rain. The fact that she was now safe was all the thanks Chairez needed—even if her feelings about rats in general still remained somewhat lukewarm.

“I respect them. In general, I love God’s creation,” she said. “I’m not going around the world telling people to save rats, but to love creation — and life — is to serve others. This is the meaning of life.”

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