Puppy Acted Weirdly But Could Save Three-Year-Old Girl’s Life

The woman’s puppy acted abnormally, resulting in a three-year-old girl laying in a ditch, curled up and completely naked.

The story of how a puppy rescued a little Wisconsin girl from a ditch made headlines.

According to the Delta Animal Charity, in February 2017, a dog named Petunia was adopted with two broken legs and ribs.
Peanut, the puppy, was adopted and given a new name. His former owner was accused of animal abuse…
Peanut was adopted by a new family, who later shared how the pup saved the life of a three-year-old girl.

Peanut “started going wild” at 11 a.m. on March 20, as he ran up and down the stairs, barking and moaning, wanting to be let out onto the street. The dog fled through the gate and ran into the field behind the house. When the owner arrived at where Peanut was barking, he discovered a naked three-year-old girl curled up. The man wrapped his cardigan around the child and carried her upstairs. After that, he called 911. The child could only say one word, so when the doctors and cops showed up, she just whispered it — doggie.

Peanut’s owners believe he acquired a “sixth sense” as a result of his previous traumatic experiences. According to the media, the child is no longer in danger, and she is doing quite well after her rescue by Peanut

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