Pro Football Players Take to the Field Carrying Shelter Dogs in Need of Homes

When Zenit Football wanted to raise awareness about shelters and animal care, they looked for the best way to get their message across. The organization has decided to do something more concrete than simply making videos and other promotional materials. As soon as the game started, the players entered the field with the shelter puppies in their arms.

Footballers cuddling and melting adorable dogs in need of a loving foster family? There’s nothing sweeter than that.

The dogs varied in size and cuteness and seemed a bit confused, but all were happy to receive a hug, wherever they were.

The dogs themselves and the expressions on the faces of the footballers holding them were all adorable. If there is a way to further promote pet ownership, it has yet to be found.

We hope that this event will help find them a new home and that Zenit Football will be able to achieve this feat again in the near future.

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