Pit Bull Who Was Pulled From Shelter Can’t Stop Kissing New Owner

Although dogs are considered devoted human friends, there are also breeds that inspire only fear and apprehension due to their aggressiveness and strength.

As a rule, this concerns pit bulls, since they only cause associations with negativity. But practice shows that it is not always necessary to pay attention to stereotypes.

Kayla Filoon, a student from Philadelphia, has achieved a real feat that allowed her to save a life and give her a new faithful friend. The girl worked for a long time as a volunteer in one of the dog shelters. She helped animals and employees, trying to do a good thing for everyone.

One day, a pit bull named Russ walked into the facility. Kayla noticed that it simply had no wool on its tail, and the dog itself was very thin. The student said that at first sight, there was a kind of special bond between her and the dog, which she felt immediately.

Kayla realized she wanted to get Russ home immediately, without wasting a minute. And the reason was not only in the affection or its beauty. The shelter euthanized weak dogs, and the Pitbull was exactly like that. Before that, employees already had to euthanize 15 pets, so there was no way to delay.

The student understood quite quickly. She immediately gathered all the necessary documents, came to the shelter, and walked out with a devoted friend. Russ got in shape and became a very beautiful dog, as if he had never been sick! Soon, Kayla noticed the Pitbull trying to hug her and lay down as close as possible.

The girl posted a photo of their tenderness on the network, and she quickly flew across the expanse of the Internet.

Then, Kayla decided to regularly share with her relatives and friends moments of their life with Russ. And the student did not lose — now his Pitbull and his ability to give tenderness have become famous all over the world!

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