Pit Bull Thanks Bus Driver Every Day For Bringing His Friend Home

Lucy, a dog, loves everyone she meets. She especially loves her family.

My son is five years old and he doesn’t speak,” said Miranda Peterson, Lucy’s owner.

Lucy thought her brother needed more time to get to know her and was determined to give him space. However, they eventually found an activity that allowed them to have a heart to heart.

My son loved being outside and enjoyed it a lot. My husband took Lucy with him and it became routine. Whatever the weather, the three of us walked together. Lucy now enjoys being outside with her brother and after a while she waits for the bus every day. It was another opportunity for Lucy to make friends with her brother and meet the bus driver.

The driver was as happy to meet Lucy as Peterson was. Soon, greeting the bus driver is part of Lucy’s routine. In the morning, she left the house with her brother, drove him to school and greeted the bus driver. He then waited all day for the return of the bus, ran to greet his brother and then returned to greet his favorite bus driver. It’s his favorite day and the one he never wants to miss.

Every day, Lucy greets her bus driver friend enthusiastically, as if to thank him for taking such good care of her brother. It’s as if Lucy thinks her brother is wonderfully different, and therefore anyone who cares about him as much as Lucy absolutely deserves his affection.

Waiting all day for her brother and the bus driver is a bit of a pain, but Lucy doesn’t care. She now knows when the bus arrives and is thrilled every time.

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