Pianist Plays Classical Healing Music For Blind Rescue Elephants And They Enjoy It

Paul Barton is a great musician who loves his profession and plays for the public.

But what’s more interesting is that Barton’s headphones aren’t just people

He presents his works to the elephants.

Twenty years ago Paul lived in Thailand and here he succeeded in combining his passion for wildlife with the piano.

There is such an organization “Elephant World”, which is engaged in the rescue of elephants.

In partnership with this organization, the man regularly organizes concerts for animal victims of human cruelty.

Along with old blind elephants, Barton performs masterpieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Bach, Frederic Chopin and other world classics.

You can’t describe with words the emotions of elephants listening to classical music: It’s their favorite activity:

It is undeniable that between these creatures and Barton unili there is a special connection:

His music is very calming and soothes the pain elephants

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