Photographer captures once-in-a-lifetime encounter between a bear and a wolf

An amateur photographer from Montana recently became an internet sensation after successfully capturing a very unique encounter between a bear and a wolf in Yellowstone National Park.

He saw it as the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photos with his camera. Shortly after midnight he got into his car and after four hours of driving, Seth was there on the shore waiting for action. And he had plenty!

The sun was starting to shine and deep fog was lifting from the water when the Montana-based photographer spotted the massive bear trying to hide its body in the bank of the Yellowstone River. But the scene became even more dramatic when a gray wolf appeared. It was the first time Seth had encountered a wolf in the wild.

“It was very exciting,” he said. “I’ve encountered black bears camping a number of times over the years, but they’re relatively harmless in most situations. I’ve only encountered grizzlies a few times and only in Yellowstone Park. All this to say that I will always generally carry bear spray while hiking in bear country.”

Although wolves are natural predators, the grizzly looked incredibly calm when the intruder approached. He didn’t have the slightest worry.

“As large as it was, the grizzly knew that a single wolf was no threat,” the photographer explained. “The wolf seemed to have a mischievous and playful demeanor. As if it were a game. He slowly approached as close as he could reach a distance of a few centimeters.

The wolf tried his luck a few times, but his attempts were unsuccessful one by one, so in the end he got lost in the woods. Empty hands this time!

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