People took care of this squirrel and let her go back to the woods but it came back to them when she was about to become a mother

This wild squirrel knew exactly where to go when she was about to give birth. She never forgot the people who rescued her and got out, and she knew her baby would be safe with them too.

It all started in South Africa in October 2016, when a girl named Serfontein found a baby squirrel that had fallen from its nest on a cold, windy day. The squirrel was squealing and calling for its mother, but its mother never came. The girl named the little squirrel Dingetjie.

Serfontein did not know how to nurse the little squirrel; she was only trying to keep him warm at first and was afraid he wouldn’t survive the first night.

“She was very cold and very cold, and she was also scared. She was just a baby and her eyes hadn’t opened yet. I was able to warm her up and she finally stopped squeaking.”

Serfontein and her boyfriend Christophe decided to nurse the squirrel together and started learning how to do it. Before long, they had read a lot about how and what to feed the squirrel. It turned out that the squirrel needs to be fed a special milk formula every few hours, including at night.

“I never thought it would be so difficult to care for a squirrel.

When the squirrel opened its eyes and started moving, it couldn’t sit still in its cage. She made him a bed out of a shoebox, and he loved it. But beyond that, Serfontein had to wear it to work for three months and keep it in his T-shirt or scarf.

When the squirrel grew big enough, the girl realized that the best thing would be to let him out into the woods, where the wild animal would be more comfortable. The edge of the forest was not far from the girl’s house (it’s a big Kruger reserve) and one day the girl and her boyfriend went into the woods and left Dingetji in the wild.

The squirrel sat for a moment and then, acting on instinct, climbed a tree and hid in the foliage. It seemed that this happy story had come to its logical conclusion. But that was not the case.

It turned out that the squirrel well remembered the location of his rescuers’ house and soon returned there. And then she flees again into the woods. And then she came back. And it was several times. Eventually, the girl and her boyfriend got used to the fact that a squirrel could practically live in two houses and began to leave her a cracked window so that the squirrel could enter the house at any time.

More than once it has happened that when Serfontein wakes up in the morning, she finds a squirrel sleeping on her blanket nearby.

“She just knew that we were very comfortable and also safe. And there are lots of wildlife in the Kruger Reserve, including predators.”

It had been six months since Serfontein and her boyfriend released Dingetjee the squirrel into the woods, but one day during one of his visits they noticed that the squirrel had put on a lot of weight. Her belly had rounded.

“At first we thought she ate a lot. We didn’t know she could be an adult, we thought that was a long way off. But it turned out that was just that, she was pregnant.”

Dingetje started coming into the house more and more often, then she started making a nest in her desk drawer, using toilet paper torn into small pieces to build it. And then she gave birth, but alas, the baby was stillborn. It was a great misfortune for Serfontein, but she understood that the reason was probably that the squirrel was too young to be pregnant.

But a year later, when the squirrel rounded up again and started building a nest in the box (again with toilet paper), everything was fine. On April 24, 2018, Dingetji gave birth to a baby and he was strong and healthy.

“Dingetji trusts us so much that she lets us touch her baby and hug her. She is very intelligent and a good mother.

“It’s very difficult to explain the relationship we have with a squirrel, but it’s the most incredible thing that has happened to me in my life,” said the young girl.

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