People Saved This Wild Elephant, And Years Later She Brought Her Babies To Show Them

Elephants have an amazing memory. Years later, the elephant remembers being rescued by people and recently brought two baby elephants to show people: how it was. Yata is an 18-year-old elephant who was found on the plains of Kenya in 1999 at just one month old. He was a motherless baby elephant, killed by poachers for his ivory tusks and too young to survive on his own.

However, Yatta was lucky enough to be found by kind people and brought to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Yatta spent ten years in the sanctuary before reaching full maturity and being released into the wild as a full member of the herd eight years ago. The elephant arrived at Yatta without incident and the sanctuary staff are proud of the work they have done.

They were even more proud and surprised when Yata came to the door last December. She was not alone, she was accompanied by Yata’s adolescent baby elephant. His nickname is Yoyo. In this video, Yoyo stands at his mother’s feet, waving his trunk, he’s never seen a human before. A little further on are Yata, a much older calf, and Yetu, a female cow.

She really does seem like a very proud mother and trusts humans so much that she takes even the smallest and most defenseless with her. She remembers exactly how she was rescued and how she was treated there. Sometimes, she says, the elephants that breed in the reserve return to show off their young. But each time, it’s very exciting.

We are proud to be able to not only raise and nurture orphan elephants, but also release them into the wild to form families.

The family enclosures are very important to the elephants and after all these years people keep coming in, so she brings her children to us and the children come to introduce us.

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