Parrot makes a surprise appearance on the road traffic camera

It’s hard to imagine images more mundane than those captured by a traffic camera — usually just cars and trucks driving past an endless stream all day, every day.

But thanks to the sweet curiosity of a feathered local in Brazil, the tape of this road camera has become very interesting.

“This morning we had a special visit to one of the cameras,” the camera operators wrote.

Here is what they saw:

Later, the bird was identified as a turquoise-snouted parrot – a colorful species living in this region.

So that the beauty of the parrot isn’t underestimated because of its close-up flight on camera, here’s what they look like in all their glory:

The parrot’s visit to the camera from the road may have been brief, but for those few charming moments, you’d be hard pressed to find a more mesmerizing sight.

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