Ancient Solar Flare Establishes New Dates for Viking Trade

Professor Søren M. Sindbæk has directed the Northern Emporium project in the emporium Ribe, Denmark. The archaeological stratigraphy of the sites has secured an improved understanding of global trade flows in the Viking Age. Credit: The Museum of Southwest Jutland Solar flare throws light on ancient trade between the Islamic Middle East and the Viking … Read more

Cutting off liver cancer’s nutrient supply chain – BIOENGINEER.ORG

The World Health Organization projects that starting in 2030, over a million people will die each year from liver cancer. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Professor Adrian Krainer, former postdoc Wai Kit Ma, and Dillon Voss, a Stony Brook University MD-Ph.D. student-in-residence in Krainer’s lab, have come up with a way to interfere with the … Read more

NASA hopes James Webb Space Telescope will unlock secrets of ‘super-Earths’ and hot rocky worlds

Some of the first James Webb Space Telescope investigations will focus on a variety of planet very different from what’s found in our cosmic neighborhood. Once Webb finishes its six-month commissioning period around June, it is scheduled to start a series of studies in exoplanets. One such project will study 11 “super-Earths,” which are worlds … Read more

A Chinese space tug just grappled a dead satellite

Credit: ESA. A Chinese satellite pulled a defunct navigation satellite out of the way of other satellites on January 22. The satellite, called SJ-21, appeared to operate as a space tug when it grappled onto the navigation satellite from the Chinese CompassG2 network. The operation details did not come from Chinese authorities but from a … Read more

GOES-T set to launch in March with instrument fix

The next Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite is set for launch, with improvements to avoid an instrument problem that caused issues in a predecessor mission. The powerful weather satellite from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is set to launch March 1 at 4:38 pm EST (2138 GMT) from Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida. … Read more

Human-Induced Climate Change Impacts the Highest Reaches of the Planet

Mariusz Potocki and Sherpa team drilling the highest ice core ever recovered at 8020m elevation with the summit of Mount Everest in the background. Credit: Photo by Dirk Collins, National Geographic Melting and sublimation on Mount Everest’s highest glacier due to human-induced climate change have reached the point that several decades of accumulation are being … Read more

Study reveals how migraine pain signals are generated—and blocked – BIOENGINEER.ORG

An international team of researchers has discovered that Schwann cells — which are abundant in the peripheral nervous system and create a protective sheath around nerve fibers — play an essential role in migraine pain. Their study, conducted in mice and human Schwann cells and published in Nature Communicationsillustrates how pain is signaled from within … Read more

Incoming! SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket on Collision Course With the Moon

A high-definition image of the Mars Australe lava plain on the Moon taken by Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter in November 2007. Credit: JAXA / NHK The Moon is set to gain one more crater. A leftover[{” attribute=””>SpaceX Falcon 9 upper stage will impact the lunar surface in early March, marking the first time that a … Read more

Rare Breed of Ancient Trees With Incredible Lifespans Help Keep Their Forests Alive

Elders of the forest are critical to the diversity, resilience and survival of the entire forest, and they bring resilience and experience in dealing with change as well as lifelong ecological interactions. Keep in their immediate vicinity .. Scientists have used samples taken from several previous studies to assess how many trees are typically beyond … Read more

North America Could Expect Over 1 Million More Opioid Deaths by 2029

Recent analysis by researchers at Stanford University and the journal Science. The LancetProve that a large number of Americans and Canadians are still addicted to prescription opium every year. Without “immediate intervention” members of Stanford-Knife The commission estimates that the catastrophic disaster could kill up to 1.2 million people by 2029. That is more than … Read more