photos of young Sophia Loren stunned fans
Sophia Loren is always considered a symbol of femininity, beauty and elegance. Even at 88, it’s impossible to take your eyes off the actress. Loren has never hidden that she had plastic surgery. Not
The 57-year-old ‚Blue Lagoon‘ star showed off candid photos without any makeup or retouching
Not so long ago, everyone was jealous of the beautiful love stories of young people on the island. And now the actress who played Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon is 57. Brooke Shields hasn’t
Loyal dog stands guard for more than a month outside the house where he last saw his family
No one had entered the Florida home for weeks, but the faithful Salvatore was undeterred. Each day, the dog would sit patiently in a patch of grass outside the door, guarding the house foreclosed
Newly Adopted Dog Starts Behaving Weirdly
Mickey and his boyfriend were wandering around a local shelter, looking for a little dog to add to their family after their previous dog passed away. They didn’t feel like they’d found the right
Lonely 10-Year-Old Shelter Cat Waves to Passersby From Her Kennel, Then Finally Finds a Home
All shelter animals have the same dream: to find a human being who will take them in and give them a loving forever home. But unfortunately, some animals take longer than others to be
23-Year-Old Chihuahua Spike Officially Named World’s Oldest Living Dog
It’s true that dogs don’t live as long as humans, but some are blessed with long lives, inspiring us all with their health and longevity. A few may even claim the title of oldest
Woman wakes up to find her foster dog left her a little surprise
Kaitlin Devoto knew next to nothing about the dog she had agreed to foster, except that he was from a puppy mill. „I didn’t know his gender or his age,“ said Kaitlin Devoto, the
Girl Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In 29 Years And This Is What She Looks Like Now
Aliona Kravchenko is the real Rapunzel from the popular fairy tale! Her name is Rapunzel. The 34-year-old has been growing her hair since the age of five and now has more than 180cm. You
Indian twins born to 70-year-old mother
This story has generated many reactions around the world. After all, it doesn’t seem possible. A 70-year-old Indian woman became a mother at the age of 70. Omkari Panva and her husband Charan had
The miracle of the Hudson, or the skill of the pilot who kept all the passengers alive
Yesterday was the anniversary of the miracle that happened on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. An American Airlines A320-214, with 155 people on board, took off from LaGuardia Airport in New York